In order to make life easier for you and your child, we will no longer accept cash for food and drinks within the canteen and dining room from Monday 9th May 2016.

Instead you will be able to upload money onto your child’s account using a credit or debit card through our online payment system. ParentPay link below to access your child's account:

Click here to go to the Parentpay login page

Alternatively, money can be loaded onto a pupil account by using the cash loaders within the school.

Pupils will use their fingerprint to purchase items or load money into their account. However, a parent or carer must sign a permission form before we can take a child’s fingerprint.

If your child is eligible for free school meals, money will be loaded into their account. If you wish to apply for free school meals, please go to or email Mrs Lyth on


If you have any questions or queries regarding Biometrics or the new catering service, contact the school on 01329 319966.