Attendance & Punctuality


If a student is absent for any reason then it is the parent’s responsibility to phone the school to make us aware. Failure to do so will mean that the child’s absence will be marked as unauthorised.

If a request for authorised absence is made, although the school are committed to working with parents, we do ask that students attendance is above 95% unless it is an exceptional circumstance. The school has the right to unauthorise attendance if these criteria are not met.

The attendance procedure for absence is triggered when a student’s attendance drops to 93%.


Although it is accepted that everyone will be late once in a while, persistent lateness will not. Persistent lateness can have a huge effect on a student’s day meaning they miss vital information and are not fully prepared for the start of the day.


Students late for lessons are not only disrupting their own learning but also the other students in the class. The impact on teachers also means that they have to adjust lessons to enable the student to catch up with the rest of the class.


Students arriving late in the morning or to lessons will receive 10-minute detention at break time. Students who are persistently late in the morning will result in a parent meeting, which will trigger our attendance procedure.


For a request to authorise absence from school due to exeptional circumstances please click here


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Absence Line 01329 512333

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