Our rewards system aims to regularly acknowledge and celebrate the achievements and successes of all our pupils.  Inside and outside the classroom – staff will consistently apply a rewards system that provides our pupils with opportunities to be recognised and praised for their academic achievements, progress, contributions to the school community, behaviour and attendance.

How does it work?

  • Students will earn House Points which staff will enter directly onto Sims.
  • Students will be asked to update their planners to identify the number of House Points earned on a weekly basis. 

Students can earn House Points through a variety of ways:

  • Tutor Time (Ready to Learn) – Students have all their equipment, uniform is correct, on time, fully engage in Tutor activities, a good citizen.
  • Lessons (Active Learner) – Students take an active role in lessons, complete tasks/work to best of ability, exhibit independent learning, produce exemplar work/homework, take a leadership role, contribute to class discussions/questions.
  • Bonus Points –attending extra-curricular clubs, participation in house events, being a ‘good citizen’, demonstrating house ethos of the week and nominations from staff/peers.

    We aim to provide students with a sense of achievement and pride about the dedication, commitment and hard work that they tirelessly put in to the School and the Community.

    When a student accumulates a certain number of House Points into their account they are eligible to choose a reward. Their efforts will also be acknowledged by receiving a pin to wear on their uniform; this will open up even more opportunities for them.

    Rewards will be celebrated during weekly assemblies, when students will be issued with their Pin and reward slip. Once they have identified the type of reward they would like, students should complete their reward slip and hand in to Student Reception to be processed and issued. 

    We aim to offer students the opportunity to attend the end of year reward trip to Thorpe Park in the summer term in which the top 50 students in each year group are invited.