School Uniform 2019





School navy blue embroidered blazer

School navy blue V-neck jumper (optional)

White shirt

School tie (House colour – Hawk/Purple, Eagle/Red, Falcon/Yellow, Kestral/Green )


Plain grey tailored school trousers.

Denim, corduroy, skinny jeans, cargo pants, tracksuit bottoms, shorts, lycra and leggings are prohibited.

Trousers are not allowed to be tucked into socks or boots.


Students will only be allowed to wear the Bridgemary School Skirt which is available at Skoolkit and Brigade .


Black/natural tights or black socks


Black shoes with heels no greater than 5cms with no markings, logos or coloured/white soles.

Full length boots are not acceptable


Coats must be plain.

Tracksuit tops, hoodies and any other non-school uniform tops are not allowed.

The judgement about whether a garment is a hoodie, track suit top or a coat is to be at the discretion of senior staff.



Navy blue polo shirt with school logo

Navy blue shorts with school logo

Navy/gold football socks

Navy tracksuit bottoms (optional)


Gum shield (available at Student Reception)


All students should carry a bag for their books, stationery and other belongings. A suitably sized bag should be able to carry an A4 folder.


No extreme haircuts (for example Mohican styles, shaved-in patterns or stripes).

Length of hair grade 2 minimum.

Hair grips and hair bands must be plain.

No unnatural looking bleached hair and no unnatural coloured hair, including shades of red.


JEWELLERY AND MAKE-UP  - All jewellery must be removed for PE

One small ring

One pair of small stud or small hoop earrings (in the earlobes)

A watch

Discreet make-up only.

No false eyelashes, false nails or nail extensions.

Nail varnish and nail jewellery are not permitted.

Small chains may be worn under shirts - no beads.

One small nose stud, but no other facial piercings, including tongue piercings.


If students wish to have a piercing then it needs to be done at the start of the summer holiday, this will ensure that they are able to remove any piercing during the time they are in the school. Students will be expected to remove any facial piercings in school.



Chewing gum, energy drinks, aerosols and smoking materials.

Alcohol and drugs – the possession of which may lead to exclusion.



Mobile phones must be turned off and are not to be used under any circumstances during the school day.

Headphones – not to be seen in school and may be confiscated if they are.  


N.B. If students are seen with any item they are not allowed to have, the item(s) will be confiscated until the end of the school day. To avoid this students should place all such items into their bags.




Acceptable footwear