My Transition - Oliver Daniels

Open Evening Speech – 25th September 2014

Oliver Daniels

I can remember when I first joined Bridgemary.  I was nervous and unsure, but that was just first day jitters.  Now I’m in Year 8, I don’t know what I was afraid of.  I’ve settled in at Bridgemary so quickly.  The new routine:  I was used to walking to different classes within a week.  New friends:  most of the people I am friends with now came from different schools.  I don’t even remember how I met some of them because everything just slid into place.

There are new lessons to try:  Food Tech, Drama and in PE there are loads of new sports to try.  Pretty much every teacher here is different, but that is good, you learn in some unusual ways.  100 minute lessons pack in so much, in practical subjects especially.  You could fit a full length football match in that time.

This is the only secondary school I’ve been to but other schools have a lot of work to do if they want to have as many clubs as us!  If the number of clubs isn’t enough for you, how about school trips that take you to theme parks across the country or skiing in Italy!

There are many ways Bridgemary can support you and your learning.  Tutors are teachers you can really get to know and have fun with in Tutor time.  The reward system changed for this year but it is better than the year before.

So why should you come here?  Simple.  There are many new opportunities up for grabs.  So many new experiences.  It’s not only that.  There’s so many memorable moments left to enjoy.  Why not enjoy them here at Bridgemary Secondary School?

Thank you