My Transition - Callie Moore

Open Evening Speech – 25th September 2014

Callie Moore

My first day at Bridgemary I wasn’t really nervous.  I already knew a few people who were going, also my brother was already at Bridgemary.  I really enjoyed my first day because I made new friends and the lessons were a lot more fun than I expected.

There is a variety of subjects at Bridgemary such as Maths, English, Science and my favourite PE!  In all the lessons I had last year, all the teachers were fun to be around.  If it was your least favourite lesson, like RE was mine, the teachers find a way to make you enjoy it.  The 100 minute lessons are great because you have more time to finish the activities you like.

As well as the school subjects, there are lots of other activities.  Last year, I took part in a few after school clubs like Netball and Football.  There is also some break time activities like football and basketball, for if you want to do something different.  If you do well at school and earn lots of merits there is a reward at the end of the year.

Bridgemary find new and improved ways to support our learning.  We have our Tutors for someone we can talk to as well as our Year Co-ordinator.  There’s a breakfast club that serves an English breakfast and cereal.  You have an accelerated reader which tells you what your reading age is so you can aim higher.

When you come to Bridgemary you can make a lot of memorable moments.  As much as making memories, Bridgemary also offers you different opportunities.  Whenever an opportunity is handed to you on a plate take it, you will regret it otherwise!

Thank you