Posted on: July 20th 2020

GCSE Results Summer 2020 Clarification

A clarification & justification to our arrangements for sharing the exam results with our students:

We have had to adhere to very strict risk assessments throughout the COVID crisis and cannot do anything that could compromise these risk assessments in place.  Students from different households are not allowed to mix particularly if they are then visiting different colleges the next day to resolve any course or admissions issues.  They will then be in their ‘college bubble’.

Following the government guidance in regards to the number of people allowed in one place, cross contamination between bubbles of students and social distancing our Trust has put out advice that results this summer should be emailed out.  

The senior leadership team will be available on 20th August if you have any queries. You will be able to contact them via email or telephone or you can telephone to arrange a socially distanced appointment.

This has not been a pleasant year for any of us including Year 11.  Year 11 should be able to meet up when they come to collect the GCSE certificates (risk assessments in place), the date will be given to them and will be in the autumn term government guidelines and the national COVID safety picture  permitting.