Posted on: June 12th 2020

Bridgemary School Update 12.06.2020


Bridgemary School Update   12  06  2020


We welcome some of our Year 10 back to school on Monday 15th June.  We have put in place several plans but we have had to modify these in light of the constantly changing government guidance.  We had hoped to have more of Year 10 in school, however we are only allowed to have 25% of the Year 10 cohort in at any one time and you cannot have different groups in am and pm.   Letters have been sent to Year 10 indicating which day they should come into school and what they should do when they get here.   The school buildings have been modified for social distancing measures as has the School Behaviour Policy .  The social distancing measures have been externally checked and are as they should be.   There is a video online (

) with the new social distancing information.



Unfortunately the remainder of the school  (7 to 9) cannot come into the building so will continue to work remotely (work packs can be obtained from the school if remote learning cannot be accessed).  We realise that remote learning via SAMlearning can become very tedious so we are putting lessons in English, Maths and Science for Years 7 and 8, and English, Maths Science and History/Geography for Year 9.  These lessons can be accessed using the Microsoft Teams remote application.  The timetable has been shared with you in a previous letter.


Key Worker School will continue as normal.  We have ensured that the two schools, ‘Key Worker School’ and ‘Year 10 School’ have no contact as they are in different parts of the buildings.


The Year 11 Centre Assessed Grades have been sent to the exam boards.  The academy had to rank every student in every subject.  The exam boards will then link this to the KS2 performance (SATS that were taken in Year 6) of individual pupils, performance throughout the country in the different subjects and the attainment trends of the School.  The final grade awarded will be calculated on a countrywide statistical formula taking into account all the factors previously mentioned.


I do not know yet what September will look like at Bridgemary School there have been several meetings this week at a national level with a range of different scenarios and no decisions.


Thank you for supporting us.  Please be reassured that as soon as we are able and it is safe we will get as many students back as we can.  If it is not possible we will try to provide the best possible remote learning .  Teachers chose the teaching profession to educate students as well as we can to prepare them for their next step in life and this is still our main goal however that education may look.


If you have any concerns or queries please email or ring the school


Fiona Calderbank

Executive Headteacher