Posted on: November 7th 2019

Body Worn Cameras

5th November 2019

Dear Parent/Carer

For information:

With the advances in new technology, the school have decided to invest in some additional levels of security which will help with safeguarding within and outside the school.  We are planning to introduce body worn cameras for key personnel to wear at certain times of the school day. This is because recently we had someone that we did not want on school premises on site and we are also on occasion experiencing young people who do not attend the school being around the premises and the school gate at the end of the day.  The cameras would help towards dealing with this. They will provide the school, police and key youth workers with important information.   

As you are aware most of the school grounds and corridors are covered by CCTV which is really useful, however there can be blind spots and sometimes the images are not detailed enough.  The body worn cameras provide high quality images and sound.

We have been very careful to ensure that all data protection and safeguarding laws are followed, this has taken nearly a year!

Only one or two cameras will be deployed and will only be activated when necessary (this should be rare)   Staff who wear a camera will be clearly identifiable as they will wear a high visibility jacket with a camera logo.

We are using Calla, a sister company to the one which supplies the police and other security services. The cameras use military grade inscription, storage of information is secure (encoded system) and data is not kept. The data is deleted every month.

Attached is the link to the privacy notice which can provide further detail.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.


Many Thanks


Jo Ford

Deputy Headteacher

Bridgemary School