Posted on: August 31st 2019

GCSE Results Summer 2019

We are delighted and proud of this year’s results. We have secured our highest number of top grades ever in the school’s history, across all subjects, with several students achieving the highest possible grade, a ‘Grade 9’ in a number of subjects.  More students than ever before achieved at least a Grade 5 or above, with over twice the number of students achieving at least a Grade 7 compared to last years results.


Noticeable plaudits to the following students who achieve some outstanding results.

  • Chloe Hindle – Two Grade 9s, Five Grade 8s, 1 Distinction*, 1 Distinction, 1 Grade A
  • Serena Day – One Grade 9, Four Grade 8s, Three Grade 7s, One Grade B
  • Liberty Kappa – Three Grade 7s, Four Grade 6s, One Distinction, One Grade A
  • Harvey Ayling – Three Grade 9s, One Grade 8, One Distinction, One Grade A
  • George Buckham – One Grade 9, Two Grade 8s, Two Grade 7s, One Grade B
  • Owen Jones – Three Grade 7s, Two Grade 6s, One Distinction, One Grade A



We wish all of our students the best luck in the next step of their journey!