Posted on: January 29th 2019

Year 7 Navy Trip on HMS Tyne

A group of Year 7 students had the opportunity to visit HMS Tyne at Portsmouth Naval Dockyard. The purpose of the visit was to experience life in the Royal Navy. Students completed various tasks which included developing skills in working as a team such as the fire drill procedure, gun duties and Naval maintenance. Students had lunch on board HMS Tyne and like the crew washed their own dishes!

It was a great day on board and a wonderful opportunity for our students. Year 7s who attended made the following comments;

‘I loved it, it was fun and exciting. I’ve seen the Naval ships leave the harbour but never been on one!’

‘I loved it as it was something new to do. It has given me knowledge of the British Military.’

‘It was amazing and I wish to do it all again as I’m now thinking of a career in the Royal Navy!’