Posted on: November 1st 2018

Family Learning and Literacy week

As part of the Family Learning and Literacy week, families were invited to celebrate the joy of reading, whilst having a lovely afternoon tea in the library. Families were also invited into the library during the school day to read with their children during a lunchtime.

As you can see from the photos, the events were well attended, with younger siblings coming along as well to join in. It is always heart-warming to meet the lovely families, with Aunties and Grandparents coming along as well as parents. Families reading together sends a powerful message to our children that reading is fun and something that you can enjoy together as a family.

Due to the previous success of our family events Mrs Matthias-Rosser (Literacy Lead) and Mrs Sweetenham (Librarian) will be hosting more family learning workshops throughout the school year.


‘William Ginn (year7) said ‘The afternoon tea was great. You got to have some quality time with your family reading. The food was great too.’

Claire Redstone (year 7 parent) said ‘I would like to just say a massive thank you for your afternoon tea. Not only did Oliver enjoy his time there (and the cake) but Ella too. We have been reading Macbeth in bed using POPCORN together as a family, she loves the POPCORN method and thinks is amazing. We are also going to try and do Midsummers-night dream on our narrow boat trip in the half term. Thank you for taking the time to invite us in to the LRC’.


Reading and discussing books with your child has so many benefits and will help to develop their confidence across a range of subjects.


Here are some tips on how you can get involved:

  • Let your child see you reading for enjoyment.
  • Have a variety of reading materials all around your home for your child to    access.
  • Establish a set reading time.
  • Continue to read aloud with your children as they become more independent readers.
  • Share the reading experience with your child.
  • Remember not all reading involves book. Encourage your child to read with you whilst doing activities, shopping list, recipes, menus.
  • Join your local library and visit regularly.


 There is strong research evidence showing the positive difference it makes when parents and family members get involved in a child’s education. Parental involvement in encouraging reading is key. Children whose families read for pleasure are more likely to take it for granted that reading is a worthwhile activity. For more information, visit

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