Posted on: March 29th 2018

Art Awards

12 Explore Arts Awards


Students completed their Explore Arts Award through the completion of their Harry Potter STEAM project. Students created their own wands, bracelets and worked with the Artists Splodge Designs to design and create their own Wizard hat!


Congratulations to;

Kimberley Wetton

Oliver Sharp

Rachel Gipson

William Mitchell

Sophia Beattie

Ella Brown

Ruby Jenkins

Shannon Underwood

Danielle Howard

Eric Chen

Chloe Ingle

Skyler Scollan


10 Bronze Arts Awards


The 10 Bronze Award students had the additional challenge of sharing their new Arts knowledge with others by running a workshop. Students enjoyed the opportunity of passing on their new art skills to others. Students met various Arts and STEAM professionals aiding their aspirations in STEAM industries.


Congratulations to;

Aaron Hazzard

Tegan Jones

Piper Massey

Jannah Santos

Emily Smith

Ellise Hillan

Olivia Giles

Abigail Bennett

Charlotte Neal

Chloe Hindle