Posted on: February 1st 2018

UKU U14 Ultimate Frisbee Indoor Competition

UKU U14 Ultimate Frisbee Indoor Competition


On Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th January the PE Department took nine students to the UKU U14 Ultimate Frisbee Indoor Championships in Wolverhampton. The team have been training for this competition since September and it was to be the first Frisbee competition that some of them had been to. Aaron Hazzard was the team captain for the weekend and Leo Ramsay was the co-captain. Bridgemary School’s team is called Southern Tekkers and we started in 8th seed. Our main objective for the weekend was to learn from the competition and try to maintain our seed.


Saturday 27th January


We departed at 6am on Saturday morning to arrive in good time to warm up and compete from 10am onwards. On Saturday we played 5 games…


Very tough game to start with!

Southern Tekkers 3 vs 9 Air Badgers

We got better as the game went on… points from Emily, Leo and Niku. Assists from Aaron (3)!


Fantastic second game!

Southern Tekkers 6 vs 2 DHSB

We grew into the game and started to defend and attack with conviction and confidence… points from Emily (3), Aaron, Dru and Cameron. Assists from Leo (4) and Aaron (2)!


Third game of the day!

Southern Tekkers 7 vs 6 Flux

Really close-fought game between two competitive teams, the winning point coming via a lay-out from Dru!! Points from Emily, Leo, Cameron, Dru (2) and Aaron (2). Assists from Aaron (2), Dru (2) and Leo (3)!


Another very tough game against another good Air Badgers team!

Southern Tekkers 4 vs 9 Air Badgers

Great start to the game as we got the first three points… points from Dru (3) and Niku. Assists from Aaron and Leo (3)!


Fifth and final game for today!

Southern Tekkers 6 vs 5 DHSB

Another competitive game, coming down to the last minute of play!! Some very tired players but quick shower and meal then to relax! Points from Dru, Cameron, Oliver, Leo (2) and Aaron. Assists from Aaron (5) and Leo!


On the first day of competition with many students experiencing their first Frisbee competition 3 wins out of 5 games was a huge accomplishment, it meant we went for a meal, hot chocolate and marshmallows with a smile of our faces!!



Sunday 28th January

A great start to Sunday, we are now seeded in 6th place!

Southern Tekkers 13 vs 2 Flux

We have maintained our 6th seed and will play 3rd seed next… points from Emily (4), Leo, Cameron (2), Katelyn, Niku and Dru (4). Assists from Aaron (6), Niku (2), Leo (2), Oliver, Cameron and Dru!

Very difficult game against a high seeded team!

Southern Tekkers 4 vs 12 DHSB

We are now seeded 5th but we were outclasses in this game. We kept resilient and despite losing we played well… points from Niku (2), Leo and Aaron. Assists from Aaron (3) and Leo!

A very good team performance for our third game today!

Southern Tekkers 9 vs 3 Air Badgers

We have maintained our 6th seed!! Good team performance… points from Dru (3), Leo (2), Cameron (2) and Aaron. Assists from Aaron (3), Dru, Oliver and Leo (3)!

Our forth and final game of the day!

Southern Tekkers 5 vs 8 Air Badgers

A chance to move up to 5th seed unfortunately missed. A great team performance again though but Air Badgers just moved the disc better… points from Emily, Aaron, Cameron, Dru and Niku. Assists from Aaron (2), Niku, Leo and Dru!


It was a fantastic weekend with lots of great Frisbee being showcased. Students got to represent Bridgemary School in a National competition and some of them have caught the eye of the Great Britain coaches that were there! We have some very promising and talented students.

Trips like these provide students with treasured and valuable memories and whilst they demonstrate the school ethos (5R’s; Respect, Resilience, Relationships, Rewards, and Responsibility) they also have a lot of fun!!

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Congratulations to all students; Aaron Hazzard, Niku Van Rensburg, Dru Ross, Leo Ramsay, Cameron Davidson, Emily Wilson, Katelyn Hilton, Will Mitchell and Oliver Buckham. Thank you to Mr Hall and Jake Fazackerley who gave up their weekend to lead the trip and many hours training the team prior to the trip.