Posted on: October 12th 2017


Dear Year 7 Parent’s/Carer’s,


Your son/daughter will soon receive a book from Bookbuzz.


Bookbuzz is a reading programme which gives schools the opportunity to offer their year 7 students the choice of book from a list of specially selected titles.


The aim of Bookbuzz is to inspire excitement about reading and discovering new books and authors. We hope your child enjoys their Bookbuzz book and that it encourages them to continue reading.

To find out more about this year’s titles, and other books that your child might enjoy, do visit the website where you can also find useful links about reading and writing, and fun writing activities that you can do at home with your child:


Bridgemary School is also making a significant contribution to supporting this initiative as we continue to strive to promote reading and literacy amongst our students.


Yours Faithfully,


Tracey Sweetenham