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This information will help guide you through our Uniform and Dress Code Policy:


Here at Bridgemary School we believe that appropriate school dress is important. It is our way in which we identify ourselves as a school and promotes a sense of belonging to our school community. Uniform promotes a strong, cohesive school identity which supports high standards and expectations in all areas of school life. When dressed appropriately our students make a very positive impression upon the wider community who frequently comment upon their good behaviour and standard of dress. We believe that our uniform contributes towards us being a good school by setting a smart, business-like ethos amongst our students. 

Bridgemary School has a school uniform policy and a clear dress code of how this uniform should be worn. Our Uniform policy applies to all students, at all times without exception. Every student attending the school has the knowledge that there will be a set uniform and should be proud to represent our school as best they can, wearing the uniform with pride. It is an important part of the identity of the school. This policy has been developed with due regard for the Human Rights Act 1998 and antidiscrimination legislation.

Our uniform helps students to focus on their learning and most importantly, it also gives consideration to the health and safety of our students in all areas of school life. Our uniform policy and dress code are reviewed regularly. It is designed to be smart, practical and cost effective. Students who fail to follow the Bridgemary Uniform Policy and Dress Code will be sanctioned accordingly. Students will be required to borrow school uniform from the schools property if they arrive to school not adhering to the policy and parents will be informed. If you require any clarification on any points of the Uniform and Dress Code please do not hesitate to contact the school.



  • School navy blue embroidered blazer
  • School navy blue V-neck jumper (optional)
  • White shirt
  • School tie (House colour – Hawk/Purple, Eagle/Red, Falcon/Yellow, Kestrel/Green)


  • Plain grey tailored school trousers –Denim, corduroy, skinny jeans, cargo pants, tracksuit bottoms, shorts, lycra and leggings are prohibited


  • Students will only be allowed to wear the Bridgemary School Skirt which is available at Skoolkit.
  •  Skirt


  • Black/natural tights or black socks.


  • Black shoes with heels no greater than 5cms with no markings, logos or coloured/white soles.


  • Coats must be plain
  • Tracksuit tops, hoodies and any other non-school uniform tops are not allowed.


  • Navy blue polo shirt with school logo
  • Navy blue shorts with school logo
  • Navy/gold football socks
  • Navy tracksuit bottoms (optional)
  • Trainers
  • Gum shield (available at Student Reception)

PE kit must be worn to all PE lessons. If a student is unable to participate in a PE lesson due to injury, they will be expected to undertake a coaching or umpiring role and wear their PE kit where possible.



  • All students should carry a bag for their books, stationery and other belongings. A suitably sized bag should be able to carry an A4 folder. 


  • No extreme haircuts (for example Mohican styles, shaved-in patterns or stripes)
  • Length of hair grade 2 minimum
  • Hair grips and hair bands must be plain
  • No unnatural looking bleached hair and no unnatural coloured hair, including shades of red.



      All jewellery must be removed for PE

  • One small ring.
  • One pair of small stud or small hoop earrings (in the earlobes)
  • A watch
  • Discreet make-up only - No false eyelashes, false nails or nail extensions
  • Nail varnish and nail jewellery are not permitted
  • Small chains may be worn under shirts - no beads
  • One small nose stud, but no other facial piercings, including tongue piercings.



  • Chewing gum
  • Energy drinks
  • Aerosols
  • Smoking materials
  • Alcohol and drugs – the possession of which leads to exclusion.

N.B. If students are seen with any item they are not allowed to have, the item(s) will be confiscated until the end of the school day. To avoid this, students should place all such items into their bags.


Please be reminded that Bridgemary School is not liable for any loss or damage to personal equipment, including mobile phones and any confiscated items.


Equipment required (minimum)

  • 2 black or blue ball-point pens.
  • 1 sharpened pencil.
  • 1 rubber (advised).
  • 1 small ruler.
  • 1 scientific calculator.
  • No tipex or correctors.
  • No marker pens.



Exceptions to this dress code are at the discretion of the Senior Leadership.

We understand that Uniform can cause stress between parents and their children as it is not always clear on what is acceptable. This policy and guidance has been put together to make uniform buying and wearing a lot clearer to both parents and students and the areas of uncertainty clarified. Bridgemary recognises that students do not always want to comply with school uniform requirements and that this can cause problems at home. The school however, cannot and will not alter our school uniform or dress code to suit individual tastes or opinions. Our uniform policy is always under consideration and we would always seek to work with any parents encountering difficulty ensuring their son/daughter complies with our school uniform or dress code. The school will contact parents of those students who attend school without proper uniform, or those who refuse to accept the school’s dress code. We always strive to work with parents to ensure these problems can be resolved.



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